Engaging Students With Socrative

Socrative is an interactive tool that can be used in the classroom a number of different ways. We were fortunate enough to have the creators of Socrative join us during a Professional Development day at the beginning of the year to teach us about the website (and APP) and help us get started. However, they made it extremely simple to sign up for an account and get started on your own.
Socrative is used when each student has their own device (Ipads in our case) and can log onto m.socrative.com. The teachers go to t.socrative.com and log in. Each teacher is assigned a room number and students log in using that room number. Teachers can then pick from a variety of activities to engage students, quiz students, check for understanding, etc. I will highlight a few.
I am a high school English teacher and often use Socrative to post vocab sentences and discuss them. I will give them one of our vocabulary words and they will use the “Short Answer” button on Socrative to type in their original sentence. I project my screen on the board which will show each of their responses (as long as they are logged into the correct room number). This way we can look at all of the different sentences and discuss them. Students are also able to vote on the responses. We choose the “best” sentence and students really enjoy “winning” as well as seeing the sentences of their peers.
I often use the “Quick Quiz” button to run a pre-made quiz. This is a quick easy way to give them a multiple choice or short answer quiz. I will often use this feature for a reading check quiz at the beginning of the period. When students are done, results are emailed to the teacher in an easy to read Excel spreadsheet.
“Space Race” is a game that you use a pre-made “quiz” but turn it into a game. Students are auto-assigned teams and colors. The teacher screen will show which team is winning the race to finish the questions. If you project the results, students get competitive and are much more engaged when they see how their team is doing. Their player advances when they get an answer correct.
For the most part, I use Socrative to check in with students. It is an easy way to get a lesson started or to wrap up a lesson. I might have students sit down, take out their Ipads, log on, and ask them a few true and false or short answer questions to check for the understanding of yesterday’s lesson or their homework. At the end of the period, I might check in with them on the day’s lesson. This is similar to a “Do Now” or a “Ticket to Leave.” It requires no work on the teacher’s part. but a very clear insight on what you may need to spend more or less time on.
Overall, I HIGHLY recommend Socrative to teachers of any subject. I cannot tell you how often I use it or how helpful it has been to my students and me. Get started today!

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