Triangle Lab

For this lesson I wanted to change the way that students did standard lab reports in math.  I felt that it was not teaching the students to explain and fully understand what it was that they were working on.  I created a lab in which the report was either a you tube video or a video using the show me application to describe in detail the problem they are solving and how they solved it.  I tried this on the grounds that in business you often have to present a problem or solution to coworkers and with video conferencing and email output I felt that this would allow the students a chance to work on their presentation skills as well.

Trig Lab 1: Using Right Triangle Trig in for real applications.

  1. You are going to use right triangle trigonometry to determine either the height of an object or the speed at which an object is moving.

EXAMPLES: Determine the height of the flagpole using the length of the shadow cast and angle of elevation to the sun,  or determine the speed that someone is running buy finding the angle to the start location and the angle at the end of the run and then time them.

Assignement: Due at the end of class on Thursday December 8, 2011.

Create either a video that shows you finding the measurements to your problem and then explaining how you solve for your missing parts.  Or use the show-me application to teach how to solve the problem from getting the information to finding the final answer.  The goal of the write-up is to explain your work so that anyone can duplicate your work and get the same results.  In detail answer each of the following questions and discuss units used, methodology used to gather the data, trig functions used and any assumptions that you made.

Questions to be answered:

  1. What are you trying to solve for? How are you going to solve for it?
  2. What are the known values and how did you determine them?
  3. What did you do to solve for the unknown values?
  4. Draw an ACCURATE diagram to represent the problems.
  5. Conclusion






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