Andy Marcinek


My name is Andy Marcinek and I have been a secondary English teacher for six years and an adjunct professor of Language Arts at Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, PA for two years. Most recently I have taken a position at Burlington Public Schools as a Instructional Technology Specialist. I work primarily in the high school and helped launch our 1:1 iPad initiative. I author two blogs , iTeach, that focuses on 21st century classroom innovation and offers lessons and ideas for teachers seeking to advance their curriculum. I also blog for Edutopia and tweet by the handle @andycinek.

Outside of the classroom I enjoy being active and maintaining physical wellness. I have a dog named Cole who also helps keep me in shape. I rescued him four years ago in Philadelphia and he has been my best buddy ever since. He is a black lab, great dane mix. I enjoy running, hiking, kayaking and exploring a city for the best restaurants.

I look forward to sharing what I learn through PLP and connecting with so many new learners.



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