Hello World!

Welcome to the Burlington High School Powerful Learning Practice (PLP) blog. This blog will serve as our forum for sharing and connecting the PLP community and beyond with our research. We will be looking at ways in which a 1:1 iPad environment can increase student engagement and connect students with relevant learning experiences. Our research question is

Does a 1:1 iPad environment increase student engagement and performance in the core subjects of history, math, and English?

Our entire high school transitioned to a 1:1 iPad environment this year. While a device is not the solution to many of the problems in education, it is an opportunity for our students to use relevant technologies and applications that will broaden their learning. As a team, we will be sharing our hits and misses with this initiative and looking for constructive feedback along the way.


One thought on “Hello World!

  1. I am so excited to be a part of this action research journey with you and think you have posed a relevant and important essential question! I would love to know how the pilot began and what some of the ah-ha moments have been through the first year of the 1:1 iPad transition?

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